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Available in +500 outlets in the Netherlands & Belgium

Official partner of EZ Base & Ironclad

Proven powerful cleaning products suitable for any professional

More than 10 years of experience in developing professional cleaning products 

About us

SuperCleaners RETAIL is an independent manufacturer of maintenance products, cleaning products and technical fluids. All products are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands. Our red, white and blue house style reflects our traditional Dutch heritage. 

With the SuperCleaners products, the craftsman and the do-it-yourselfer have the right tool to complete the job! Want to know more about SuperCleaners? Click the button below.

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Popular products

The best Kitchen Plunger

Kitchen Unblocking Agent 1L

✔ Super Kitchen Unblocker is the most powerful consumer unblocker

Super paint remover (1)

Paint Degreaser Ready-to-use Spray 1L

✔ Super paint degreaser is the first ready-to-use paint degreaser for any paint job.

Super urine stone remover

Urine stone remover 1L

✔ Super Urine Stone Remover effortlessly removes blockages from urinals and drains.

SUPER joint and weather spot cleaner-min

Joint & Weather spot cleaner 500ML

✔ Super Hygienic Sanitary Cleaner cleans hard surfaces.

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