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As a professional painter, you want to have all the products you need for your paint job. For instance, you need products to use before painting and to clean everything afterwards. To get gas on every painting job, score the best products from SuperCleaners. We offer the professional solution for every professional. That is why you will find us at many wholesalers and other business outlets.

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Every paint job starts with degreasing and cleaning the surface with the right products. As a painter, this will ensure that the paint adheres well. You also prevent painting over dirt which will show on the dried surfaces. We have products to degrease and clean, but also to make the wall, ceiling or wooden surfaces really paint-ready. Remove wallpaper and posters with the appropriate Superproduct and get rid of unwanted stickers and glue residues.

Finish the job and make everything spick and span

When you think of products for your paint job, you most likely think of degreasers and wallpaper removers. However, don't forget to also think about the time after your paint job. How do you remove paint splashes and residue? SuperCleaners has the ideal product for that too. That way, everything will look tidy again after your painting job. 

Degreasing & Cleaning


Paint Degreaser & Cleaner 1L

✔ The paint degreaser & cleaner ensures better paint adhesion.

Super Paint Degreaser Ready-to-Use

Paint Degreaser Ready-to-use Spray 1L

✔ Super paint degreaser is the first ready-to-use paint degreaser for any paint job.

Super paint degreaser and cleaner

Paint Degreaser & Cleaner 5L

✔ The paint degreaser & cleaner 5L ensures better paint adhesion.

Super wallpaper remover

Wallpaper Remover 1L

✔ The Super wallpaper remover removes wallpaper, posters and more.

Super Paint Splatter Remover

Paint Splash Remover 500ML

✔ Super Paint Splatter Remover removes all chipping and paint residues.

Removing sticker residue from window

Sticker remover 250ML

✔ The Super sticker & ink remover removes stickers, glue residues and more.

SUPER Wood & Teak maintenance 500ML_8717154783032

Wood & Teak Cleaner 500ML

✔ Super Wood & Teak Cleaner removes soiling on various types of wood, such as teak.

brush cleaner

Brush cleaner 1L

Super Brush Cleaner removes (old) paint (residue) from all your brushes, brushes, rollers and materials.

SUPER paint stripper-min

Super Paint Stripper 750ml

✔ Super Paint Stripper is a safe, solvent-free, non-flammable v paint stripper suitable for removing old coats of paint, coatings and decorative plaster.

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Time to buy all the products you need for your paint job! We cooperate with many sales partners - online and offline. For each powerful cleaner, you can easily see at which sales partner you can score the item. Do you have questions about any of our paint job products or would you like to partner with SuperCleaners as a shop? If so, feel free to contact us. We would be delighted!



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